Announcing Annotations for Moore and O’Neill’s The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Tempest

Cover of LoEG: Tempest ashcan – art by Kevin O’Neill

Joe Linton here. A few years ago I so much enjoyed Jess Nevins’ annotations for The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Top Ten, that I decided to try my hand at annotating Splash Brannigan.

Since then I’ve been working – mostly alongside experts – on annotations of various Alan Moore comics – from Lost Girls to Crossed+100 to Providence to Cinema Purgatorio.

When Moore and O’Neill’s final LoEG arc – The Tempest – was announced, I checked in with Nevins and confirmed that he was planning annotations.

Nevins completed annotations for the first issue of Tempest and part of the second. When issue four came out, I got a couple of emails from Moore fans asking if I would be up for doing Tempest annotations. I checked in with Nevins, not wanting to step on the toes of the person who inspired me to try my hand at annotating Moore. Nevins responded telling me: “I just don’t have time for the annotations any more, not with the paying jobs in front of me, so by all means take over!”

So, at Panelwise a team of us are taking on Tempest annotations. Your annotators include me, Alexx Kay, Helena Nash, and Pádraig Ó Méalóid. We will, of course, depend on lots of expertise from other readers comments. We’ve got some annotations underway, but, so far, they’re skeletal… so please don’t flood us with “you missed this” comments just yet.


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