Annotations for Smax 5 posted

Smax – art by Gene Ha

The Panelwise team decided to come up with new expanded annotations for issue five of the Smax comic by Alan Moore and Zander Cannon – with Andrew Currie, Richard Friend, Wildstorm FX, and Todd Klein.

For this May 2004 issue, there are very brief basic annotations available at Enjolra’s World – written by Paul Andinach in 2010. But, on a re-read, there were a few more references we wanted to add, so we decided to build on Andinach’s work.

We still have a few questions about some parts of Smax that maybe appear to reference something. Read through the issue 5 annotations page, and use the comments to let us know about things we missed.

All our annotations are available through the Annotations Index page.

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