Halo Jones Books Four through Nine

Ian Gibson drawing of Halo Jones  (Gibson wrote “The images I’ve produced with Cannibal as just a head, like the one I did for the 2000 AD special, are interpretations of the nightmares Halo has about him.)

Moore and Gibson had originally intended a nine volume arc for Halo Jones. Only the first three volumes appeared, due to Moore stepping away from the project due to intellectual property rights issues.

Over the years, Moore and Gibson have revealed some of the outlines of what would have happened after Book Three.

In a 2007 interview Gibson stated, “Alan and I decided on the [nine-book] length of the series even before the first episode was written. We planned her life and her ending – not in precise detail, but with a pretty good idea of where she was heading and what we could tell of her. And how much of a gap in her life we could leave between books.”

In a 2011 interview (Mud and Starlight – page 158) Moore stated, “the next adventure would have probably been when she [Halo Jones] was a female space pirate with Sally Quasar…”

Halo Jones commission by Ian Gibson (via Facebook)

Gibson has mentioned his early draft of the next books, where Jones is rumored to have become a “pirate queen.” Per Gibson, “I’d been nagged by so many fans to continue the saga that, even though I’d lost contact with Alan, I decided to write some continuation in the way of Books 4 and 5. Being the naïve that I am, I took the first draft of Book 4 to the editor of the time to see if they wanted to contact Alan about continuing, and send my efforts to him for approval or otherwise. I told them that I wouldn’t do anything on Halo without Alan’s consent. But I think they were so in fear of him that they never even tried to make contact. But my story ideas got leaked! And I ended up reading about them on the Internet!”

The one Ian Gibson Halo Book Four image your annotators found on the internet – via the Imagination of Ian Gibson  Facebook group

Regarding Book Four, Ian Gibson wrote in 2019:

In the version I wrote of book 4, the whole ‘valve’ scene was a set up to incriminate her so he [Luiz Cannibal] could ‘disappear’ and get away without facing trial for Rat War. Alan and I never discussed further than book 3, although he did have plans for how book 9 would end.

In the above 2011 interview, Moore went on to say that further Jones adventures “would have been going through her life, with her getting older in each one, because I liked the idea, at the time, of having a strip in 2000 AD with a seventy- or eighty-year-old woman as the title character.”

Moore continued, “it would have ended up with Halo Jones upon some planet that is right at the absolute edge of the universe where, beyond that, beyond some form of spectacular lightshow, there is no space, no time, and it would have ended up with Halo Jones, after spending some time with the rest of the immortals, would have tottered across the landing field, got into her spacecraft, and flown into the psychedelic lightshow, to finally get out.”

Page 1 of Tom Strong 13 – click to enlarge

(Moore used a somewhat similar setting in 2001 in Tom Strong issue 13, which takes place at “The Tower at Time’s End.)

In the documentary Future Shock – The Story of 2000 AD, both Neil Gaiman and Leah Moore tell about how Alan Moore had described to each of them the entire Halo Jones saga. Both become emotional about what a comics masterpiece Jones would have become upon its completion.

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