In Pictopia! – Publication History

The 13-page Alan Moore and Donald Simpson story “In Pictopia!” has been published in several forms. The full story is available online at glycon.livejournal.

1986 – Anything Goes! – Fantagraphics Books

  • Anything Goes! was a benefit anthology, created to raise money for publisher Fantagraphics, who were engaged in a legal battle with Michael Fleischer. The story of the lawsuit is extremely complex, beyond the scope of this website.
  • Alan Moore initially volunteered to donate two four-page stories to AG!. In the event, he provided a script for a single eight-page story. Subsequently, Don Simpson “expanded the cramped 8 pages called for to a leisurely 13 pages, employing a Cinemascope “widescreen” panel to impose a steady rhythm.”
  • Much more information about the creation of the story can be found on Don Simpson’s blog.
The Best Comics of the Decade (1990)
The Best Comics of the Decade (1990)

1990 – The Best Comics of the Decade, Vol 1 – Fantagraphics Books

2003 – The Extraordinary Works of Alan Moore by George Khoury

  • The 2003 first edition of Khoury’s Alan Moore featured In Pictopia! in a previously (and subsequently) unseen version recolored by Jose Villarrubia. Apparently Simpson was not happy with the recolored version, so it is omitted from the Khoury’s updated “Indispensable Edition” was released in 2009, which features instead Moore and Simpson’s 1985 Mr. Monster story “The Riddle of the Recalcitrant Refuse.”

2016 – Brighter Than You Think – Uncivilized Books

  • Brighter reproductions are unfortunately poor, as described by Pádraig Ó Méalóid: “In Pictopia!, parts of which are deliberately supposed to represent old yellowed pulp paper comics, are so dark that the pages look like they’ve been soaked in strong tea overnight.”
In Pictopia (due 2021)

2021 – In Pictopia – Fantagraphics Books

  • In late 2020, Fantagraphics announced a new edition of In Pictopia (no exclamation point this time) billed as “Presented here for the first time, scanned from the original line art and full-color painted boards, in an appropriately oversized format.” Moore’s name has been left of the book per Moore’s request/demand. The new edition is due out April 30, 2021.
  • Below is a comparison of the original coloring and the newly recolored version (panels posted to Facebook by Don Simpson.)
“In Pictopia!” panel coloring comparison. Top is 1986 original; bottom is 2021 reprint. Images from Don Simpson via David Marshall

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