LoEG The Tempest miscellany

This page features annotations for various miscellaneous materials for The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Tempest – including extra covers, collections, etc.

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Note: some of this stuff is obvious. If there’s stuff we missed or got wrong, let us know in comments, or email linton.joe [at] gmail.com

LoEG Tempest ashcan – released March 2018 at Anaheim California Wondercon. Ashcan details and photos at this post at The Periodic Fable.

Cover of LoEG: Tempest ashcan – art by Kevin O’Neill


  • Foreground left to right are: Mina Murray, Emma Peel and Orlando.
  • Upper left background are the Seven Stars:
    – Top row: Marsman, Flash Avenger, Electro Girl, and Captain Universe.
    – Bottom row: Zom of the Zodiac, Satin Astro and Vull the Invisible (helmet)

Variant covers: Each of the six issues of LoEG Tempest was published with a single variant cover. The 1 for 25 Retailer Incentive Variant Covers are black and white versions of the regular Kevin O’Neill covers. For example, see Midtown Comics. LoEG Tempest #1 went to a second printing (noted at mycomicshop.com), though it does not appear to have a different cover from the first printing.

See LoEG Tempest page

LoEG Tempest hardback collection – released December 2019 in the U.K., the collection contains new comics material (‘Retiring Types’ etc.), hence annotators have created a separate page for annotations.

LoEG The Tempest Gosh Exclusive 3-D Bookplate Edition

Gosh Comics bookplate promotional image – by Kevin O’Neill

London’s Gosh Comics is offering an “Exclusive 3-D Bookplate Edition” of The Tempest collected hardcover – featuring artwork by Kevin O’Neill. The final 3-D version is shown at Bleeding Cool. As of June 2019, this edition was available via Gosh website.


  • Left to right are: Emma Peel, Mina Murray, Orlando, Caliban, Prospero, and Ariel.
  • In the lower left corner are the figures of Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill. They are floating away from the reader, referencing their retirement from LoEG and comics. Prodigious pot smoker Moore is smoking. His posture resembles early LoEG member Mister Hyde.
  • Especially on the right, O’Neill has included lots of depictions of depth –  foreshortening, and (impossible?) overlaps – to play to strengths of 3-D effects.

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One thought on “LoEG The Tempest miscellany

  1. Justin Blochwitz

    Judging from the striking similarity between Mina’s outfit on the book plate and Emmas on the last issues cover I think they may be from as unknown source. They look very 60’s to me but where they may come from I don’t know.
    It also looks like below our league is Al and Kev drifting aimlessly in the void of space.


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