LoEG The Tempest nitpicks

LoEG Tempest 1 detail – art by Kevin O’Neill

This page includes very minor errors that we found reading and re-reading League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Tempest comics, by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill. This is not a critique of the comic. None of these are a big deal.

This page lists things that appear to be typos or very small mistakes – though we could be wrong. We think that this stuff might be corrected in something like a collected edition, but if it is not, no problem.

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Tempest #1

  • coming soon

Tempest #2

  • coming soon

Tempest #3

  • coming soon

Tempest #4

  • P9,p1 – The London store “Derry and Tom’s” is formally spelled with no apostrophe, so it should probably be just “Toms”
  • P13,p5 – “e’er” seems likely to be a typo for “ere” (which is what the text in BD had).
  • P31,p1 – “buddied” should perhaps be “buddies”?

Tempest #5

  • P25,p2 – Speed Gale‘s sidekick “Gary” should probably be “Garry”
  • P30,p7 – “Electrogirl” should probably be “Electro Girl” – though this seems to shift and could perhaps be deliberate?

Tempest #6

  • P18+ – Looks like “Electro Girl” has become “Electrogirl” – perhaps deliberate?

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3 thoughts on “LoEG The Tempest nitpicks

  1. Craig

    In #6 page 29 panel 6, Mina removes her Vull helmet and, in a nice callback, we finally see the skin-tight costume she told Allan no one ever got to see, back in Century #2. However, her pixie haircut seems to contradict “Minions of the Moon,” which describes her shaking her long hair down to her shoulders after removing the Vull helmet.

    It’s also a little odd that Captain Universe, Satin, etc. carry Vull when they’re flying, yet no one notices her distinctly feminine build. Also, that Marsman apparently is unable to read her mind. But now I’m beginning to sound like a character in the letter column!

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